The exhibit

My collection of fiber art will tell you exactly what catches my eye. I look for that special something that speaks to me, whether it is a tilt of the head, an over all shape or a look in their eye...something that draws me to the image. Working with images of birds and animals comprise most of my work, but the human form is a glorious subject too. The majority of my work comes from my own photography, and I often spend hours waiting to get the right shot. I love the tactile nature of working with fabric, searching for that perfect piece that conveys a shadow or a dramatic line, cutting it to fit perfectly. Working big has been a fascinating journey, and the visual impact it brings continues to motivate me and challenge me at the same time.


about joyce carrier

My love of sewing began as a child, and quilting began as a way to continue to use my sewing skills. Little did I realize how much it would influence the direction I am now taking. I started out with garment sewing for myself and then clothes for my children. Eventually that led to Civil War reenactment clothing, then I moved into quilting in 1997 by joining a local quilt guild. Seeing my first art quilt got me hooked on all the possibilities.

I have worked for many years developing my sewing, quilting, free motion embroidery and thread painting skills. I currently have two quilts in the permanent collection of the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. Several of my art quilts are on tour with various challenges.