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Susan Lapham

August 17 - September 10

Explore Susan's large-scale contemporary quilts.  Her mural-sized, machine-stitched works will be exhibited alongside smaller studies which illustrate her love of cartography, science, erector sets and Dr. Seus. These large works portray a combination of eclectic architecture, complex machinery, and outlandish arrangements that push the limits of balance, proportion and symmetry.

Lapham's work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including Form, Not Function 2020 where she won Award of Excellence and Quilts=Art=Quilts 2020 where she won the Shirley Hastedt Award for Piecing.  Her piece Playland #4 has been accepted to Quilt National 2021.

Tea Okropiridze.jpg

Tea Okropiridze

November 9 - December 7

My art is a creative act to express my feelings and emotions, using fiber medium such as Gobelin Tapestry and Silk Fusion. By creating my work, I intend to show the audience what I have seen and found interesting and beautiful in my life. I create a two-dimensional composition, rich with color and the texture of hand-woven textiles, or fiber by combining three dimensional forms around me and transforming them into a decorative or abstract image.

While I create my art, I try to use natural resources such a wool and silk. However, I do not limit myself with only using natural material, and sometimes I mix with synthetic and artificial yarns, fibers, or different fabric scraps to give the composition the desired look and aesthetic.

My creative process often starts from sketching design, small size painting, drawing, and/or making a collage, however, I particularly enjoy the actual process of weaving tapestry and silk fusion since I personally view it as a challenge of painting with yarn or silk fiber.

Fiber art, like any other work of art, should make the viewer think. It should not tell the viewer what to think, but it should guide the viewers to think in a new way.


Joyce Carrier

October 12 - November 5

My love of sewing began as a child, and quilting began as a way to continue to use my sewing skills. Little did I realize how much it would influence the direction I am now taking. I started out with garment sewing for myself and then clothes for my children. Eventually that led to Civil War reenactment clothing, then I moved into quilting in 1997 by joining a local quilt guild. Seeing my first art quilt got me hooked on all the possibilities.

I have worked for many years developing my sewing, quilting, free motion embroidery and thread painting skills. I currently have two quilts in the permanent collection of the Textile Museum in Washington, DC. Several of my art quilts are on tour with various challenges.


SAQA Regional

December 7 - December 31

Simple Lines

Living in or near a center of power, such as Washington DC, can affect a person's view of the world. Every day seems to be filled with activity on multiple levels, weaving a complex structure of society that can be a challenge to perceive. Our members have expressed how they see Washington DC and/or the surrounding area in a simplified form. Physical, historical, social, or natural platforms were considered for inspiration.

Waterford Weavers.jpg

Waterford Weavers

September 14 - October 8

Founded in 1973 in Waterford, VA, the Waterford Weavers Guild includes members who are experts in the fiber arts of crocheting, felting, knitting, spinning, tatting and weaving. Items produced run the gamut from hats, ponchos, jackets, jewelry, scarves, towels, blankets and table linens to wall hangings, tapestries, ties, tartans and coasters. 



January - December 2022

A call for entries will go out in October 2021.  If you would like to be notified, please email